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Dear Kristin Cavallari: I’m Sorry | How Kristin was the Victim of MTV’s Laguna Beach

How Kristin was the victim of MTV’s Laguna Beach and who the real villain is  Laguna Beach was and is


All of the InuYasha opening theme songs, ranked

Almost a year to the date from publishing my rankings of InuYasha’s ending themes, I’m back to diagnose the openings with the same level of scrutiny! In

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town Remake (2020): Review

After months of waiting in limbo, XSEED Games has finally announced the release date for the English version of the Story of Seasons: Friends


All of the InuYasha ending theme songs, ranked

I think we can all agree that the InuYasha EDs were better than the OPs, right? As much as I