All of the InuYasha opening theme songs, ranked

Almost a year to the date from publishing my rankings of InuYasha’s ending themes, I’m back to diagnose the openings with the same level of scrutinyIn my ending themes post I declared InuYasha’s EDs better than the OPs as if it was fact, and uh, about that…  

Now that I’ve spent the last little while cycling through the openings again and reacquainting myself with these old haunts, consider me #woke to the greatness of the OPs. They absolutely did not deserve that slander, and I am sorry for the treason.  

Before I get started, I’d really like to mention that I truly enjoy every single song on this list. They all make me so happy and so nostalgic in a way that only music can, and so it was difficult placing them. As silly as it may sound, the music in InuYasha is very dear to me and I’m so grateful for it. It is probably one of my strongest ties to my past-self, and revisiting it is overwhelming in one of the best ways.  

Also, I know we all have such varying opinions on these types of things, so I just wanted to say one thing about this list: If your favourite isn’t number one, it’s because my favourite is better. HAHA.  

Let’s proceed… 

Here is my list of all of the InuYasha OPs, ranked from worst to best. 

7.  Kimi ga Inai Mirai – Do As Infinity 

Do As Infinity is a staple in the world of InuYasha; on top of this opening, they’ve done two closing tracks: Fukai Mori and Shinjitsu No Uta. And while I like each of the songs to varying degrees, this one is probably my least favouriteIt’s a good theme, but sonically I don’t find it very interesting. I also think that there might be a bit of a bias at play as this was the theme for the Final Act, and so didn’t get much air time. But even still, compared to the other 6 songs, it’s a bit meh for me. 

6. Owarinai Yume – Nanase Aikawa 

Owarinai Yume is the 3rd opening for InuYasha, and I’ve gotta say, I think Nanase Aikawa kills it. Like most anime theme songs, it builds to this feverishly fun climax, but admittedly, I find myself a little bored pre-apex. Still, good nonetheless.  

5. I Am – Hitomi 

Maybe I just like this theme song because it’s the first time we see Koga??? Who knows. But don’t let her number 5 spot convince you that she doesn’t slap, because she most certainly does! 

4. Change The World – V6 


Change the World is the most iconic thing to come out of InuYasha, and I dare anyone to say otherwise. It cleared my skin, watered my crops and improved my grades.  

It feels almost duplicitous not to bump it up a little, but the top 3 are really just that good.  

Before I move on though, I want to mention one thing that has always bothered me about this opening: in the end when Kagome takes InuYasha’s handwhy does he weigh almost exactly 0 pounds? What is his diet regimen? Who should I contact for more information?  

3. One Day, One Dream – Tackey and Tsubasa 

The “YOU CAN NOW DREAM,” near the chorus nearly ties Come’s “I get, I get, I get, get the feeling,” for one of the best English moments in an InuYasha song. It’s such a hype moment, and from that point on, consider me ALL IN.  

I also love the ending of the song when everyone’s just atop some tall-ass, skinny-ass rock formation. It leaves me with more questions than InuYasha’s CICO. 

2. ANGELUS – Hitomi Shimatani 

This is by far the most stylistically different theme song, and it’s a great listen to boot. Of all of the songs on the list, it’s the most fun and frantic and energizing, and it probably shouldn’t work, but it does. I’d even go as far as to call this song *ahem* groovy.  

1. Grip! Every Little Thing 

Oh, Grip!… Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Second only to Change the World, Grip! is the theme song for the greatest number of episodes. And if you think that’s a coincidence, you’re simply not paying attention! 

(Just kidding, it’s definitely a coincidence). 

Grip! wonderfully toes the line between InuYasha’s quiet, desolate moments, and its rambunctious, action-packed ones; ilays a foundation, and then Bankotsu shatters it. There is something really hopeful and innocent about the composition, and the melody simply slaps. Some of you might consider this an odd choice for number one, but I’ve loved this song from the moment I’ve heard it. You know music that just feels good? That’s Grip! for me. 

What are your favourite openings? One of the most fun things about a show with multiple OPs and EDs is that everyone has such a different opinion. Every song is someone’s favourite, and that is what makes it still so much fun to discuss all these years later.  

If you haven’t yet, check out my list for my favourite InuYasha endings, or leave a comment to tell me how I’m wrong! I’d love to hear your opinion.  

Thank you for reading!   

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